LampsFactory is growing rapidly since its establishment in 2013 in Donguan, China. Our business started firstly from just a word of Trust, for which our team members have been dedicating to bring all kinds of solutions for clients till their success today. 

Key Values at LampsFactory
Our goal is to make your business growing again with the model of sustains development as we will cherish your trust always and never stop our innovation on the way to our cooperation. 


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An enterprise must be committed to meeting the customer needs and supporting partner growth, so as to be the one left in the test and screening of the intensive competition:

In 1999, Deming Du, who graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, gave up his position and high salary as the director of the design department of a large Taiwan-funded listed company. He then founded the Home Craft Factory (later renamed as LAMPSFACTORY Limited), which became the ODM supplier of fountain & Outdoor products for the Japanese listed company Takasho (Japan Takasu) and the Walmart, with the help of its customer Uniflame.

In 2001, through cooperation with the customer Berman, a complete lighting design and research department was established. And through cooperation with famous designers Sergio Orazco, Victoria Hogen, Kelly Hoppen, Gorge Xu, etc., more than 800 new products were designed and developed every year. The products of LAMPSFACTORY were gradually expanded from garden fountains to a wide variety of home lighting and decorations.

In the year of 2002, through the establishment of a gradually improved quality control system, LAMPSFACTORY has successively obtained international safety certifications such as UL,CUL,CE,BS, and SAA, and ISO9001 certified.

In 2004, LAMPSFACTORY became lamp supplier for Famous Deisgners such as  Carolyn Kinder, Jaime Young, Joanna Gains..etc, and also be ODM supplier of Target stores, TJMaxx, WilliamSonoma, Zara Home, Freedom and other well-known chain stores all over the world. Based on the unique design innovation ability, strong sense of quality and reasonable price cost, products of LAMPSFACTORY have won a good reputation in the market.

In the past 2 decades, members in LAMPSFACTORY never tried to relax. Instead, we have been putting efforts on updated designs, Exceptional quality and provide cost down solutions to satisfy our clients. for next 2 decades, LAMPSFACTORY will, as always, strive to meet the needs of customers, support the growth of partners, and enable more people to “lights up everyhome”. This great mission will always inspire the our members to keep moving forward.

  • Corporate business

LAMPSFACTORY is committed to providing customers based on market demand for home lighting and decoration, art, etc., to provide customers with market trend report, competitive analysis, product planning, product design and development, order production and delivery, Quality control, cost control and other whole process services, every year for all kinds of customers on the design and development of 1000 products, including a variety of styling styles, materials, various functions of table lamp, floor lamp, dining lamp, wall lamp, pendant lamp, decoration, art and so on.

LAMPSFACTORY has a team of designers, engineers,artisans, A team of talented, enthusiastic and motivated manufacturers and marketing experts, each member takes pride in helping you achieve the product you need.  Our managers and employees have a wealth of experience and a strong sense of responsibility to ensure that customers receive high-quality products.

Own Brands

  1. Lampworks

The combination of the two words Lamp and Works implies that the product is not only a lamp, but also a piece work of art. LAMPSFACTORY has a design team with strong abilities. Each designer has a unique design style and occupies a place in the design industry. Their team spirit makes Lampsworks products more attractive to archive it’s mission “Lights up everyhome”…

  1. Art & More

Art & More is committed to providing art level home decor for interior designers and home brands, including sculpture, Painting, furniture, hanging paintings, ornaments, etc., to provide customers with trend research, brand strengthening and even brand incubation, product planning, product design and development, product delivery, after-sales service and other whole process. Art & More is committed to bringing arts & Objects into more home space.

3.Corporate governance

Partners meeting

-Convene every month, vote according to the rules of procedure, and have minutes of the meeting.

-Review the financial situation and countermeasures of the previous month.

-Review the work summary, problems and countermeasures of each department in the previous month.

-Review the plan and execution for this month.

-Annual budget and annual plan, summary.

-Develop or revise systems, processes, standards, etc.

-Work and pull together for resolution of problems and countermeasures.

-Follow up the results based on the commitment of the responsible person.

Our vision and values

Overview of development in 2021

  • In 2021, the company achieved operating income with a year-on-year increase of 56%; and reached net profit with a year-on-year increase of 107%. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the company up by a year-on-year growth of 107%.
  • At the same time, LAMPSFACTORYactively fulfilled its social responsibility, paid taxes and supported social charities in accordance with the law. During the reporting period, LAMPSFACTORY generated RMB220,700 in tax revenue for the government and paid all employees’ salaries, bonuses, allowances, subsidies, welfare payments, housing provident fund and social insurance premiums totaling RMB3,793,100.
  1. Responsibility governance
  • Compliance management
  • Deepening Integrity Management

The Company has zero tolerance for violations of business ethics, and strictly complies with the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China, Company Law of the People’s Republic of China, Code of Conduct for Business Cooperation, Rules for Abnormal Quality and Delivery of Partners. It has internal auditing and anti-corruption systems, and has established a sound internal risk management system to effectively prevent and control the risk of fraud in the company.

Abstract for code of conduct

  • Employees of the company are not allowed to accept any kinds of gifts or any form of remuneration or benefits (including but not limited to commissions, gifts, kickbacks, gift certificates, valuables, high-consumption entertainment activities, etc.) directly or indirectly by taking advantage of their work. In any case, if you encounter any direct or indirect form of remuneration or benefit requested by our staff, you should ignore it and contact our general manager Mr. Du at 18682180828. Or contact the management of the Company as follows.
  • Under any circumstances, do not collude with or bribe our employees, and do not provide any remuneration, gifts or any forms of benefits to our employees. Giving any benefits to our employees means that you give up the right to collect the unpaid payment from our company. Moreover, our company has the right to charge you a fine of not less than 50,000 yuan. In accordance with the company’s consistent approach to commercial bribery, from the date of discovering that you have committed commercial bribery, we will immediately take measures to restrict the supply, put you on the blacklist of suppliers or suspend any form of business dealings with you.
  • It is promised not to exert any undue pressure on the relevant staff of our company when the inspection and evaluation conditions required by our company are not met. Any evaluation results or reports issued by our staff under pressure from the supplier shall be null and void once verified.
  • Leaders at all levels of the company are the first responsible persons for anti-fraud work. The management and key positions have signed the Confidentiality Agreement and Clean Commitment to Self-discipline, expressing the company’s zero-tolerance attitude towards violations of business ethics. The company conduct the inspection work of management personnel’s appointment and integrity from time to time, and assesses the moral quality and professional ability of management personnel at all levels, so as to build a clean and efficient management team. At the same time, we make use of the Integrity Supervision Platform to broaden the channels for internal and external supervision and reporting, so as to maintain the deterrent effect of anti-corruption, and actively build an all-round and multi-dimensional risk prevention and control system.
  • For verified corruption and commercial bribery, the company will punish them in accordance with the seriousness of the case and the provisions of the Company’s Labor and Employment Management System. If the case is serious, the labor relationship will be terminated. If losses are caused to the company, recourse shall be made according to law. Those suspected of committing a crime shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling.

(ii) Responsibility governance

  • Shareholders’ equity
  • When the conditions for implementing dividends are available and when the company’s normal production and operating capital needs are met, the company undertakes to pay dividends to shareholders in accordance with the agreed percentage of dividends during the planning period.
  • Based on the company’s operating performance and the overall financial situation in 2021, shareholders and platform personnel will be paid the dividends after the financial statements are audited by all parties.

(iii) Responsibility governance

  • ESG
  • ESG governance

The Company plans to establish an ESG Governance Committee, and the ESG Committee member is: DEMING

ESG management level

Core member

Specific responsibilities


ESG Working governance level

ESG committee

1. Formulate and review the ESG vision, goals, strategy and

management approach.

2. Review and monitor the ESG management structure,

administration policy and operation management.


ESG Job leadership level

 The leader and deputy leader of ESG working group:

•Team leader: vice president•

1. Be responsible for the daily management of specific ESG


2. Review the company’s key ESG data regularly.

3. Lead the annual ESG information summary and report.



ESG Work implementation level

 ESG Members of the working group.

The person in charge of each functional department of the company

1. Collect and submit ESG information.

2. Implement specific ESG tasks.

3. Report to ESG work leadership.


(iv) Responsibility governance

  • The Company has established a regular stakeholder communication mechanism based on the requests of each stakeholder. We hope to achieve positive interaction with stakeholders through targeted and diversified communication methods, so as to actively respond to relevant demands, and promote the implementation of the company’s sustainable development work.


Communication Request

Communication Channels

Government Departments

Comply with the corresponding laws and regulations

• Ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.

• Cooperate with government supervision to promote the healthy development of the industry.

• Pay taxes according to law and promote regional economic development.

Government-Enterprise Seminar

• Supervision and Inspection.

• Work Report and investigation.


Understand the company’s operating performance, governance norms, and strictly control risks.

• Stable operation to bring maximum investment return

• Open, fair and impartial information disclosure.

General meeting of shareholders

•Investor exchange meeting and site visit

•Timely disclosure of major business

information and regular release of financial



• Protecting the basic rights of employees.

• Caring for the physical and mental health and safety of employees.

• Understanding employees’ needs and suggestions to the company.

• Provide training and career development platform for employees.

• Staff Grievance Meeting.

• Occupational Health and Safety Training.

• Feedback Platform.

• Daily Communication.


• Protect the rights and interests of our customers.

• Abide by business ethics.

• Customer Visits.

• Customer Satisfaction Survey.

• Customer complaints and opinions



Communication Request

Communication Channels

Partners and suppliers

•Maintain a good and stable relationship.

• Operate with integrity and ensure drug compliance.

• Timely communication and coordination with upstream and downstream to

achieve a win-win situation.

• Regular communication

• Meetings and phone and email correspondence


• Maintain fair competition among peer companies and promote healthy

development of the industry

• Realize technology and experience sharing among enterprises

• Industry Organization Meetings

• Experience Sharing Session

• Field trip and exchange

Local community

• Focus on the impact of production and operation on the local community.

• Promote local economic development and help the disadvantaged group.

• Strengthen the recycling of product packaging and waste to reduce

environmental pollution.

• Get involved in social activities

  1. I Win with good quality
  • Quality risk management
  • Quality management training
  • The company does pre-job training for new personnel and conducts pass tests in accordance with quality management regulations and standards to ensure the implementation of quality control requirements.
  • Supply chain management
  • In compliance with the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, formulate relevant regulations on supplier management, standardize the management of suppliers’ qualification confirmation, quality evaluation and review; and comprehensively evaluate suppliers’ system operation, quality qualification rate, supply capacity, timely arrival rate, change control management, personnel training and after-sales service satisfaction, etc., which are the regarding as the basis for annual evaluation and share distribution of suppliers.
  • Guarantee the customers’ rights and interests
  • Improve customer satisfaction

In order to fully protect customers’ rights and interests, LAMPSFACTORY conducts annual customer satisfaction survey every year and distributes questionnaires to customers in various regions. LAMPSFACTORY had carried out multi-dimensional surveys to fully understand customers’ opinions and feedback on products and services of the company.

  1. V. Live longer with greenness
  • Environmental management system
  • Strictly abide by the Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People’s Republic of China, Energy Conservation Law of the People’s Republic of China and other national laws and regulations, continuously strengthen environmental risk management, and ensure that the company’s production and operation comply with relevant laws, regulations and standards.
  • Responding to climate change (continued)
  • The Company actively identifies the possible significant impacts of climate change on the Company, including the potential risks to the Company’s production and operation brought by the increase of frequency and intensity of extreme weather. In order to ensure the rapid activation and operation of emergency response work in the event of sudden extreme weather events and to improve the emergency response capability to climate change crisis events, the company has set up emergency measures for extreme weather such as typhoon and rainstorm in accordance with the Emergency Plan for Production Safety Accidents. The company also established an emergency response command system, clarified the personnel and responsibilities of the emergency response organization and structure, and strengthened the linkage and rapid response, so as to minimize the casualties and property losses caused by extreme weather.
  1. V People-oriented concept
  • 1. Diverse employment

The echelon team of high-quality talents is the cornerstone of the company’s core competitiveness. With adhering to the principle of “people are the company’s most valuable resources and high-quality talents are the company’s important assets”, we actively advocate a diverse and inclusive workplace atmosphere, and formulate long-term incentive schemes to encourage outstanding talents to stay. Other than that, we insist on protecting the legal rights and health and safety of our employees, and strive to grow together with employees.

  • 2. Compliance employment
  • In order to make sure that all aspects of the employment process comply with laws and regulations and to avoid the use of child labor or forced labor, the company abides by relevant laws and regulations and the corresponding clauses in the human resources management system. It also requires candidates to show their original ID cards for verification in the recruitment process to ensure that they meet the minimum working age requirements stipulated by law.
  • The company’s human resources management system fully protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees. It prohibits the use of child labor or any form of forced labor, and prohibits forcing workers to work by means of violence, threats or illegal restrictions on personal freedom. Any illegally commanding or forcing risky operations to endanger the personal safety of workers is prohibited as well.
  • The company truthfully informs the laborers of the job content, working conditions, workplace, occupational hazards, safety production conditions, labor compensation, and other information that the laborers request to know at the time of recruitment.
  • No incidents of child labor or forced labor have occurred at LAMPSFACTORYduring the reporting period.
  • 3. Diversityand inclusiveness
  • Withinsists on implementing talent strategy and recruiting innovative talents from all over the world, the company has a diverse team from different regions and nationalities, and attaches importance to the establishment of diversity and inclusiveness of the staff team.
  • LAMPSFACTORYfully respect the diversity of employees. In order to advocate a diverse and inclusive workplace atmosphere, we treat every employee equally. We will not treat anyone differently on the employment, salary, promotion channels, etc. because of their ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status and other social identities.
  • As of the end of the reporting period, the proportion of female employees among LAMPSFACTORYemployees continued to increase, reaching 37.5% of female employees.
  • 4. Respect the talents
  • Salary and promotion
  • LAMPSFACTORYtakes the lead in adopting the partner system and formulating a competitive salary incentive policy according to relevant laws and regulations. The company shares its profits with the team by fifty-fifty, which is fully mobilizing the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, and promoting the common development and benefit sharing between the company and employees.
  • Health and safety
  • The health and safety of the employees is the basis for the sustainable development of LAMPSFACTORY. LAMPSFACTORYstrictly observe and implement the laws and regulations on occupational health and safety, such as the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safety in Production, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases and the Fire Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China.
  • 5. Staff welfare
  • In addition to basic salary and social insurance, LAMPSFACTORYalso provides a complete welfare system for employees. The welfare provided for employees includes room allowance, meal allowance and year-end bonus, etc. In addition, the trade union of the company celebrates the birthday of employees every month; provide employees with an annual unified standard physical examination, so that they can know their health conditions well.
  • Balance between work and life
  • LAMPSFACTORYcares for the health of our employees and advocates work-life balance. Through a series of sports and team building activities, LAMPSFACTORY is enriching the spare time of the employees, promoting the positive development of the workplace and creating a harmonious working atmosphere.

Our Core Values


We believe that simple is good.

Aim high & deliver

We set big goals and execute.


We adapt to succeed.

Grow & improve

We grow and improve everyday.

Be a partner

We are a partner to clients,
vendors and team members.

Be an owner

Own it!